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VFFS Vertical Form/Fill/Seal


Vertical Form / Fill / Seal is when it makes sense to drop the product rather than push it as in Horizontal Form / Fill / Seal HFFS flow wrapping. 

Click here for explanation of both processes and a troublshooting guide for VFFS. 

The bag is formed by folding a sheet of film into a tube with what is known as a "forming cone ".   Next a seal is made at the bottom of the nascent tube.  The product is dropped in followed by a seal at the top to create a bag.

There are two types of sealing jaws known as " resistance " and " impulse ".

Resistance jaws are bare metal.  They require multilayer films ( either coextruded or laminated ) with a difference in seal temperatures.   Impulse jaws are a nichrome wire with teflon tape over it.  Monolayer films can run on impulse jaws.

Pinhole free packages can only be achieved with resistance jaws and multilayer films.

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