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Sandwich and Snack wrap


Sandwiches and snacks packaging in clear plastic sheets connote fresh and hygenic packaging.   BOPP is a natural for manual wrapping when volume and work flow is not conducive to flow wrapping.   BOPP has adequate barrier properties to lock in moisture and flavor. 

Two side sealable provides heat sealing by a simple hot plate to save the step and expense of sealing with tape.

We go to the extra step of offsetting the sheets so they are easy to pick up individually. 

Of course, our films are FDA compliant for prolonged and direct food contact although it is not required for an ephemeral package. 


BOPP is 100 % recyclable chasing arrow #5.

Cut sheets are made to order.  We have several thicknesses to choose from.

Size range:  3" X 3" to 36" X 36" in square or rectangle form.

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