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Perforated Plastic Films












                  Perforated films are necessary for some fresh produce and artisan breads.  For fresh produce, the object is to vent out the                            ethylene which is a ripening signal.  Specialty bread bakers want a certain crust texture.  The size and amount of holes is a                            balancing act to keep just the right amount of moisture in the flow wrap package up to point of sale.

                  Hole sizes range from microscopic to 1/4 inch diameter.  Holes in flexible films are made by five methods-

                  cold needle, hot needed, punching, and laser.  Perforated films have become a distinct discipline.

                  If you want macro perforated film we have both 5 mm and 8 mm hole sizes available.  We can make a pallet load or a truck load.                    Perf patterns are customized to your needs.  


                  We have access to all five hole making processes.  Leave it to us to figure out which hole size and pattern works for your                                application.           Put our experience to work for you.  We have probably dealt with yours or a similar situation.   

macro perf packaging
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