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Contract Slitting

Permapack offers contract slitting services for plastic films provided by the customer.    We help other contract slitters in salvage and overload situations.  

Permapack operates four state-of-the-art slitters yielding short lead times with a wide range of flexible packaging materials including:

Oriented Polypropylene (OPP/BOPP film), polyester (PET) film, polyolefin shrink film, polyethylene film (HDPE< LDPE< LLPDE<) nylon, cellophane, polystyrene (PS), as well as laminations. 

Please email or call us for a quote or to discuss your current or future slitting needs.

We can provide ancillary services including :

  • Slitting and warehouse stocking

  • Blind shipments

  • Drop shipments

  • Custom labeling

  • Relabeling of product

  • Custom packaging

With our excellent LTL freight pricing with over 20 different national and regional carriers, we pass along our savings.

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