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" BPA Free " is Insulting

The hysteria over BPA / Bisphenol A which fermented in a social media rabbit hole died with a whimper. The misperceptions remain. Major consumer product companies terrified of social media are capitalizing on the consumers' misinformation in two ways.

The two plays are either to replace BPA or by sin of omission emphasizing BPA free without mentioning that the type of plastic never had BPA in the first place.

Bisphenol A is catalyst. It gets used up in the chemical reaction to transform monomers into polymers. For plastics, it is utilized to make PVC #3 and polycarbonate #7. A major market for BPA is a precursor to make epoxy for can lining.

The hysteria was generated by some NGO's who alleged BPA might be an endocrine disruptor. It was a nothing burger. A US government study found trace amounts did not meet a harmful threshold. They did not go so far as to advocate banishing 5 gallon carboys made from polycarbonate. Being against something to virtue signal is the easy way. Offering alternative materials requires thought and work.

Manufacturers of other plastic packaging materials had to waste their time writing letters to assure their customers their products did not contain BPA.

Back in the day, a sales pitch was known as the FAB, or features and benefits. Now it's cool to emphasize what your product does not have. Hormones, cage, gluten, etc. There is a lacuna in the language. Maybe " NO FREE". No _________ and _______free. Can't miss !

BPA is here to stay. Annual volume is still over a million metric tons.

Ever notice how hysterical attacks on mostly plastic things erupts then subsides quietly ? Grocery bags, 6 pack rings and straws are also here to stay.

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